Freitag, 28. November 2008

Grindelwald day 3

There was a market this day. After our long hike the day before, we thought it was best to give our bodies a break. I bought some caramels that looked like they were going to be good, but they turned out to be crumbly. I was really excited to get them and eat them with apples so it was quite sad. I tryed buying some more caramels from a different stand later but they were just as sad. Everything smelled wonderfully like switzerland.

I found an old Nebraska state plate.

Grindelwald day 4

We went hiking but on our way to the path, we decided to go into the gorge we saw the first day hiking.

In the first picture, you can see where we planned to go hiking. We went up to the side where the light is shining on the mountain. Then we went along the forest line going to the right of the picture.

along the way.

This boy was playing with his little brother. The little brother had rainbow suspenders on.

this picture is dark but its really fantastic if you look at it closely.It was a fantastic area at least. Maybe I didnt get such a great picture of it.

Its hard to show through the picture actually how huge it is.

our lunch spot.

Our lunch spot view infront of us.

our lunch spot view behind us.

We met another family and talked with them about the path. I dont know really. It was only my 5th week in Switzerland and couldnt understand any swiss german.

you see in the picture 2 up from this one, that the mountain is all red. Katharina said she thinks these plants are all over, thats why it is red.

only cristal clear water here.


The many feathers I found.

When we were there waiting for the tram, we saw the famous swiss jet group. They dance around in the sky making all of those different swirls and such. It was really great to see.

We took the tram down.

Our hallway from infront of the toilet room door. The bathroom is to the left of me.

The kitchen and diningroom.