Freitag, 28. November 2008

Grindelwald day 6

Katharina made Bircher Müsli. I think thats how its spelled.

for the cats. there are cat doors in the windows. Swiss really like their cats.

Me Georg and Katharina took a little walk to a near by river. We played there for the afternoon. Anna stayed home and studied.

Georg tryed making a fire.

Katharinas collection.

I found some nice rocks too. I did bring a few home.

He couldnt get the fire so Katharina tryed it out.

We began smashing rocks on bigger rocks to find gold inside. Its real gold, just not the really rare kind.

I skipped stones

smashing rocks. everytime before we threw a rock, we yelled ACHTUNG! thats where I learned that word.


he carved his name in a stick.

We walked back to the house.

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