Freitag, 28. November 2008

Grindelwald day 5

Katharina, Georg ,and me went together. Anna stayed back at the house to study. I dont know what you would call where we went.

This guy came right up to me and starting bahing. He had a really funny voice. I will never forget it but I can never immitate it. He let me pet his wet nose.

here is a link to a video I made there.

some barns

Ant hill

the squirrels here ONLY live in the forest.

There was a little bird making much different noices jumping around.

Georg found this in the woods.

I found this in the woods.

silly animal called Dachs. there were these posters all around about different animals.

funny old pipe.

I learned the word gefährlich this day. that means dangerous.

me and Georg

this dog walked all the way up those stairs.

we had lunch.

and walked back down

another ant hill

where cows can drink.

on the trail to shift running water in different directions. all over the paths.

round spider

this cow kept licking and licking his friends face.

we went to a thrift shop

out the living room window.

dinner. an egg and apple mix in a crust. kind of like a pie but not.

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