Freitag, 28. November 2008

Grindelwald day 7

We went up to the mountains by lift.

One second we were in shade and the other, we were in the morning sun.

Anna and Georg

out of the lift, we began hiking.

there was a nice little garden.


this picture reminds me of Lauren Dale a bunch.

yucky plants. I remember the summer me and liesel went to Neosho and grandma had us spray these the whole time.

naturally like this, noone knows why.

this man fixing the walk way, had a nice wooden pipe.

We got some drinks before we went down by bus.

The driver was fast and the rode was little and one mistake driving and we go off the cliff. oh jeez


our house. We were on the bottom floor. There was another family upstairs. It always sounding like they were going to fall right through. Incredibly loud. When we had our tv on mute, we could still here the sound because sometimes the neighbors would be watching the same thing.

we had icecream

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